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Examples of our work - both new and old are right through this site. There are a wide variety of projects that we work on, and this preview of portfolio channels is really just a teaser. At last count, Atomic Pixel’s Directors and Producers had created over 2000+ productions.

Thats a lot of great work, and we get that much work by doing fantastic looking 'stuff' at reasonable and modern prices. We are normally by far the best value for money and sparkle per dollar in our commercial industry.

More importantly - we have great people that are easy to get along with, and after having such an extensive amount of productions behind our belt... we make things quite effortless for you wherever possible. Give us the nod and things can just happen. We are are just warming up.

How to choose a local corporate video production agency on the Gold Coast

With the fast growing recognition and numerous advantages of on-line marketing through the social network along with other sites, many businesses on the Gold Coast and throughout Australia are moving towards video output to be able to efficiently market their service or merchandise. No matter if you're teaming up with a local video production business on the Gold Coast or plan to make the video yourself, understanding what to do after and before filming starts might help ensure that the finished video correctly showcases your business and appeals to would-be customers. Here we emphasise five of the most crucial do and do not's for effective corporate video production output. Even though video has many benefits over plain text, an uninteresting script might lose your audience's attention very quickly.

If you choose to write the script yourself, when writing for a corporate video, consider your intended market and recall to include the most crucial points that you'd like your audience to learn. A good area to look at when writing the script will be the business's website. The info supplied in the corporate video creation must correlate with the info found on the website. While it is essential to provide those observing your corporate video with the material they're searching for, it is also essential to make sure that the video does not include a too much information either. 

This goes back to making certain that only the most crucial points make it into your video. A lengthy video that bombards its public with more information than needed will prove to be unsuccessful, as hardly any customers are willing to observe and give consideration to a 20-minute long business description. To be safe, you may want to stay inside the 1 - 5-minute area to efficiently hold the attention of the audience, therefore plan to have your info fit within this time limit. If done properly, participating the audience in your corporate video may be simple. There are various different ways to ensure you keep your audience's attention till the video has ended. 

Your corporate video output should reflect the character and personality of the business and give the audience a concept of what to expect from your company. Whoever is on camera must be excited about the company, nothing loses attention quicker than a monotone voice. Even though enthusiasm is very important, you also need to avoid the video coming across as too excited, you still need to preserve a significantly professional or interesting tone. One of the most important steps to creating a corporate video is the actual shooting process itself, so you will want to take your time planning out how production will be completed.

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