Create a Good Social Media Culture and keep it…

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There is a dark side to social media. Within 20 minutes something can be blown out of proportion and skewed completely out of context. It's difficult for people not to get swept up in it all. David Wright

Social media is a large and ominously permanent part of the landscape now, and as such, company and individual public profiles need management in order to keep the culture of their profiles positive, relevant and current whilst still allowing for a forum for discussion to take place.

Creating a large scale social media environment is a big, and with this comes the ongoing management of those beasts. Thats where we are uniquely positioned to help.

Atomic Pixel have considerable experience in managing highly public profiles and converting negative spaces ( sometimes a result of competitive action ) into positive forums for interaction - places where supporters feel confident to raise their voices, collaborate and discuss; where members are able to safely exchange questions and answers. Whilst trolling will never completely go away in these arenas, it will then have a very difficult time gaining foothold if properly managed.

What can be involved depends upon the existing profile, but usually requires trolling management, content posting supervision, graphic design services, verification processing and the removal of imposter and abusive profiles, amongst other issues.

Depending on the existing culture, forum management can take some time, but is a very worthwhile exercise. These types of projects are conducted in confidence, so if you have bigger picture concerns or ambitions with your social media culture, give as a call.

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