Let’s Create Animation…

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Atomic Pixel is a well established creator and producer of quality animation. We create a wide variety of animations ranging from television commercial based characters - through to television series production. We also create medical or scientific based animations to an extremely high detail level.

Its important to understand that if animation is done well, it is unlikely to be the cheapest option. It is however really cool. As you might know from movie 'behind the scenes' documentaries, even with the contemporary state of the art hardware and software that we use, animation can be a very labour intensive process. Atomic Pixel has developed a lot of techniques for offsetting this. Many techniques have been developed for delivering extremely high quality productions at mid level pricing. This type of saving can sometimes mean that it is viable to create a production in high quality animation when it seemed impossible. The results will be very rewarding.

Atomic Pixel creates fantastic quality animations. We do it well.

Quality production, consulting and management services for the TV, media, social and large event industries, by Atomic Pixel

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