I can't find your email form, how do I contact you in an email?
A few people have gotten confused with our cool modern email form. Its right there in front of you on the contact page. If you simply click slightly above the line it will open an entry field. Just hit the tick when your details are correct on each "page". Forms like these help as to ward off email spam, and are actually a bit of fun. Go on give it a go. A change is as good as a holiday they say!
How much does it cost to create an animation?
That can be a pretty big question, and it can be a loaded one. Some animations are cheap and cheerful, whilst others are seriously complex beasts. Good and original animation by definition of the style and the way its produced can take a LOT of labour, so its fair to draw from that, its not going to be cheaper than filming and editing something. Today, there are more and more template driven systems and mass produced methods to reduce the hours and hence the cost, but these result in everyone having the same look and feel. If all you need is an MVP ( minimum viable product ) for your current project, then there are savings that can be had. If you want something kind of special and original, it will take longer and cost more.

If you have some complex ideas, with lots of characters and lots of detailed settings, its going to add up a lot more than one character on a simple single background. For us to form a meaningful budget and not just an estimate with floating end price, we need a brief with details. We will need the style of thing you like and the duration.

You can grab examples from our site or the internet these days. Its important that we both understand what you like the look of. Animation is a complex beast and does not really tweak very easily. We like to get the brief right up front as much as is humanly possible. We can help guide you through the process to make it smooth.

Contact us for some better indication on current pricing.
I have seen lots of TV ads and Social Media Ads and they are boring. I want to make something interesting, but can I do that if I don’t have a massive budget?
The answer is nearly always a combination of concept and skill of delivery. Generally speaking though it needs personality, and we can typically give it some.
I have had an animation made in Asia and its not very good. Can you fix it or redo it completely?
We have been asked to fix lots of projects and entire campaigns over the years. Its not just content coming from locations where english is a second language. We have repaired or completely redone full productions from many Australian and english speaking countries as well. Whilst it would have been nicer to get the initial project, give us a call and we can see what can be done to salvage the production.
We need some experienced people to be included in the ongoing management of our major event as a direct extension of us. Can you help with that?
Most likely. We have 25 years experience in large unique and interesting events. Most of our roles are that of managing, supervising, consulting and of course the actual production in part or in whole. Send us an email.
I need filming done in various parts of the world, can you organise that for us?
Yes, most certainly. We have had extensive experience in contracting documentary crews around the globe. there are some areas that are harder than others, and some localities where the price is dearer, but generally there is a daily rate within a range for most things. Some projects can be handled remotely, but some might require a person to oversee. There are also some areas that don’t have much technology available and those areas might need to be serviced differently. The short answer yes - we can work through the logistics and get the results to the level thats needed without under or overservicing the project.
We have a large company with a social media presence. How can I make sure I am getting a positive culture on the sites without having to do it all ourselves.
We can look after that aspect and manage the administration aspects of your social media. Its important to balance the ene
Will you do work on speculation that we might pay you if we like the end result?
No. Actually haven’t been asked before. Hopefully we won’t get asked. I believe that we do great work at realistic prices and our clients have a great deal of faith and trust in what we do. That's the only way this works.
I think my company or my personal image is pretty cool. Will you create free logos, animations, graphics, music clips, video productions or anything for free for me?
No :)

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